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Old Data

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We will display here old data about reviews and updates.

June 04 of 2002: Colonist ground combat rose from 20 to 30. Pod speed rose from 40 to 60. Both Sigma devices can be upgraded with Sensors Exotic Tech to a maximum range of 50 ly. Neptune Class Advanced Outpost added.
June 07 of 2002: Neptune Class was upgraded from a single outpost to a well guarded facility unit.
June 10 of 2002: Horus Class was upgraded.
June 11 of 2002: Lots of modifications across the site
June 14 of 2002: The following modifications were made:
a) Farms are enable with rates of 20/40/60;
b) Mining rate dropped to 0;
c) Olympus and Neptune have Food to Supply Converters;
d) Ram Scoop Device removed from Scyther and Oberon Classes;
e) DTMS-N Fuel Converter added to Olympus and Neptune Classes;
June 24 of 2002: Mobile Fighter 1 and 2 added to Neptune Class and also Type 3 added to Olympus Class. Scyther, Oberon, Spectre and Hyperion Classes had their Crtical increased.
July 01 of 2002: Player Guide updated
August 02 of 2002: Speed of Mech Ships lowered and Fighter stats modified.
August 16 of 2002: Neptune´s Class Construction Bay Size dropped to 500 (previously 1000)
August 26 of 2002: Space Fold Device and Wormhole Generator added to the Intruder Class, the Neptune Class and the Olympus Class.
August 29 of 2002: Streak Missiles Enhancer added to the Proeminence Class, Neptune Class and Olympus Class. Mechs Combat Quickness are x2, x4, x6 and x8 the engine mount. Neptune armor is now 8000. Olympus Class cargo holds are bigger (100.000)
September 02 of 2002: Player Guide modified. High Guard Rangers are normal units. All ships, except the Freighters, the Intruder and the Dominium have a top speed of 50ly.
September 03 of 2002: Advanced Training and Gravity Well Generator added to the Olympus Class. The Minion Class lost its devices and the Dominium Class lost its Gravity Well Generator.
September 06 of 2002: General modifications on Player Guide. The Horus, Triton, Myst and Minion Classes were removed. Lower device list. Combat ratios lowered to 10 / 30 / 120 / 1. The mods. have started. Further mods. are being made.
September 10 of 2002: Player Guide reviewed. The Gravity Well Generator, Probe Launcher and Scalar Wave Damper devices were removed. The Mine Sweeper Array was added to the Olympus Class. Troops' combat ratio suffer 25% loss while on space. Each base with 1 troop for each 5 colonists has a sensor image of 20. All transports removed, except Super Transport Freighter.
September 11 of 2002: Anti-Matter Maul added to the Olympus Class.
September 16 of 2002: Assault Units were added (still name less). Pics added (provisory) to the Dominium Class, fighters and assault units.
September 19 of 2002: Fighters status and assult units were modified. Several mods. on starships. Olympus' Super Laser and Anti-Matter Maul removed.
September 20 of 2002: Boarding Laser removed from Dominium Class. Speed 50.
September 23 of 2002: Olympus has limited troop, crew and HG training.
September 24 of 2002: Fighter type 2 has 5 armor units and type 1 costs 70mc. Hacker Droid, Advanced Training, Boarding Laser and Particle Fountain devices removed.
September 25 of 2002: Type 2 Fighter has 10 armor units and does 150 missile damage. Type 3 Fighter has beam power and armored lowered to 30 and 40.
September 30 of 2002: Type 3 Fighter cost is 400mc
October 01 of 2002: Ground Structures added. Assault unit type 1 modified. Ground bases do not hide anymore.
October 03 of 2002: Ram Scoop and Spy Scanner removed from Spectre Class. New photos added.
October 10 of 2002: Race characteristics added.
November 01 of 2002: Nimbus Class speed rose from 20 to 50ly
November 08 of 2002: Race flag posted.
November 11 of 2002: Olympus got 20 extra fighter bays (now 40).
November 13 of 2002: Theme added to main page. Sound isn't ok by now. Proeminence got a total of 10.000 guest quarters. Dominium got heavier and is a real tech 9 battlecruiser!
November 14 of 2002: Overall modifications on Scyther, Oberon, Spectre and Hyperion Classes. Neptune class has dropped to 5000 armor units. Olympus Class makes 1 mc for each 500 colonists aboard.
November 18 of 2002: Lawfulness and Leadership are 250.
November 21 of 2002: Extended Safe device added to Olympus Class.
November 25 of 2002: Advanced Labor Camp removed. Cybernetics Chamber added as Base Building and Ship Device. Download of Player Guide and Theme is enable at Player Guide page. Art work developers added to Venshad Superiority page.
February 10 of 2003: Player guide reviewed. Cybernetics Chamber altered. Income and Mining rate are 100 each.
February 11 of 2003: Assault Unit A-49 Defense Destroid improved. Olympus' Class fighter bay size raised from 100 to 150.
February 12 of 2003: Cybernetics Chamber modified. Assault Plant removed. Player Guide reviewed. Refit device added to mech ships. Assault Unit A-07 doesn't need organic life forms to be made. Prisioners and natives are converted into troops.
February 24 of 2003: Minor changes. Cybernetic Chamber converts organic to type 1 assault units.
February 25 of 2003: A-5000 Warlord Power Suit got Boulder Attack. All mech ships have Ram Scoop device.
March 11 of 2003: Minor reviews.
April 24 of 2003: Great changes on Player Guide.
April 29 of 2003: All ships, except mechs and including Olympus, have combat quickness of 20. Mechs can fight at 50, 100, 150 and 200.
September 19 of 2003: A quick return after several aeons! Just to say that the Venshad Superiority race development has reached it's purpose. The race is finished, only awaiting the pictures for future publication.
I am still taking notes. This means that I may change something later.
If you feel that something could be better than it is, please, mail me.
October 10 of 2003: I've made some small changes in the Guide.
October 16 of 2003: I've made other changes in the Guide (Fleet of the Executor no longer exists) and made the Olympus Class a little bit tougher.
October 31 of 2003: I've changed the main picture of the race. The previous picture was too brute or, maybe, crude. The actual shows exactely what I want. I'll only need to do some changes on it but it fits incredibly well to my idea.
November 10 of 2003: Super Transport Freighter removed.
November 12 of 2003: Warp Drag Factor of Proemince and Nimbus Class is 70.
January 29 of 2004: Intruder and Proeminence got final pictures.
January 30 of 2004: Shield Hypercharger device added to Olympus Class.
February 10 of 2004: Shield Hypercharger percentage dropped to 1% per second.
February 12 of 2004: General overview in the guide.
February 14 of 2004: Space Fold device and Wormhole Generator removed. Ground Operations device now ignores base shield. The Hyperion has 20 small weapons.
February 17 of 2004: Shield Hypercharger drains 1000 energy units per second from Generators and Engines. Failure chance was removed.
Cybernetics Chamber (ground building removed). The same ship device has been reduced in its free unit production.
Particle Fountain added to Neptune.
Colonist growth on Olympus is half the original.
Initial Highguard Rangers are 10.
Large Weapons cost 3 times than normal.
February 19 of 2004: Mineral Mine and Assault Plant added to base buildings. Normal growth on planets.
March 06 of 2004: Several modifications on the Player's Guide, Mechs and Fighters. Gravitonic Mines removed.
March 09 of 2004: Victory Shield device added to mechs.
April 07 of 2004: Mechs modified, pics added.
April 25 of 2004: Crew training rate dropped to 0,005 from colonists (Olympus and Neptune). Type 3 Fighter needs 1 HG to build.
April 26 of 2004: Mechs aren't immune to Merculite Missiles and Sand Casters.
May 19 of 2004: Olympus has fewer large weapons. Player Guide updated.
May 22 of 2004: A new ship called Phalanx was added. It is the unique ship to have a warp speed of 150 ly.
May 29 of 2004: Player Guide updated. Victory Shield removed from Mechs.
June 03 of 2004: Proeminence got more engines. Phalanx got more small weapons but fewer engines. Mechs are immune to all large and super weapons. They also have the Ground Operations again. The Hyperion can fire it's super laser at enemy ships.
June 04 of 2004: The income is 120, mining is 80, Lawfulness and Leadership is 300. Updated race concept.
June 05 of 2004: For the sake of originality, the Jumppoint Generator listed in the Olympus has an aditional cost: For every 10 ktn above the Olympus, it has a drain of 1 ktn of Neutronium.
September 25 of 2004: After some time out, I've modified some parts of the Nimbus (got fewer weapons and has no Hyperdrive) and the Phalanx (top speed of 50 ly).
September 26 of 2004: Limited Chunnel Device added to Intruder Class.
September 29 of 2004: Fighters finaly got their final pictures!
October 01 of 2004: Player Guide updated
October 04 of 2004: Highguard training only at the Olympus. Hyperion's Super Laser multiplies by 10 the effectiveness of Native Extermination.
December 18 of 2004: Scyther's Streak Missiles Enhancer removed.
February 20 of 2005: Scyther and Oberon got their final pictures!
March 18 of 2005: Scyther now has only 2 Small Weapons and Oberon has 5.
March 28 of 2005: All Mechs were revised. All of them lost some small weapons, bonuses to attack and evasive modifiers.
April 21 of 2005: All fighters have a top 50 travel range capacity.
April 22 of 2005: Olympus' attack bonus dropped to 20,
Prominence renamed to Hades, Intruder's Evasive modifier dropped to 50. Player Guide reviewed.
April 23 of 2005: All tractor beams reduced to 1. Sensor range reduced on all ships. Mechs have an even worse sensor range. Phalanx reviewed. Neptune can not use Hyperjump. Added a racial advantage that enables an automatic repair from 1% to 10% of each ship's systems, each turn, for free.
November 15 of 2005: Player`s Guide reviewed. All ships lost Shields. All ships have a Damper Field that reduces damage. Racial bonus with Repair Units (x4 more effective). Automatic repair advantage removed. The Olympus does not need to spend extra fuel to Hyperjump with other ships. Mechs now have the same number of Small Weapons and Point Defense Systems (5). Streak Missiles and Streak Missiles Ultra Enhancer are renamed to Corbonite Missile and Deutrium Missile.
November 16 of 2005: Dominium's Damper Field reduced to 1/4. All mechs were revised regarding Attacking and Evasive modifiers. Hades Class is Tech 4 and has 500 fewer armor. Spectre is now Tech 7.
November 17 of 2005: Added mechanical reason to racial enmity in the Player Guide. Every ship that uses it's Hyperjump capability is subject to a % chance to damage it. Dominium Class is now Tech 10. Hyperion is now Tech 9. Phanlanx Class Evasive and Attack mod are now 40.