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The Borg Collective

Welcome to the Borg Collective webpage.



We are a newborn guild located in Ceti server, designation #2779.

We now span several galaxies and our numbers grow even more.

Join us now!

The Borg are a fictional pseudo-race of cyborgs depicted in Star Trek. The Borg appear in many elements of the Trek franchise, playing major roles in The Next Generation and Voyager TV series, notably as an invasion threat to the Federation, and the means of return of the stranded Federation starship Voyager. The Borg have become a symbol in popular culture for any juggernaut against whom "resistance is futile."

The Borg are depicted as an amalgam of cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organised as an inter-connected collective with a hive mind, inhabiting a vast region of space with many planets and ships, and sophisticated technology. They operate towards one single minded purpose: to add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to their own, in pursuit of perfection. This is achieved through forced assimilation, a process which transforms individuals and technology into Borg, enhancing individuals by adding synthetic components.

Originally encountered by Captain Picard at the instigation of Q, little intelligence is forthcoming about the Borg or their origins and intents. In alien encounters, they exhibit no desire for negotiation or reason, only to assimilate. Exhibiting a rapid adaptability to any situation or threat, with encounters characterised by matter of fact resistance is futile type imperatives, the Borg develop into one of the greatest threats to Starfleet and the Federation. Originally perceived on screen as a homogenous and anonymous entity, the concept of a Queen and central control is later introduced, while spokespersons for the Borg are sometimes employed to act as a go-between in more complicated plot lines.

In Star Trek, attempts to resist the Borg becomes one of the central themes, with many examples of successful resistance to the collective, both from existing or former drones, and assimilation targets, with at least one species being shown as having superior capabilities to the Borg. It is also demonstrated that it is possible to survive assimilation (most notably Picard), and that drones can escape the collective (most notably Seven of Nine), and become individuals, or exist collectively without forced assimilation of others.

Resistance is Futile.